When you bet on yourself

Let’s go!

“Leap and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs

I recently decided to take a big leap and move into my own space in San Francisco. The last time I lived on my own was when I lived in Manhattan–it was such an expansive and fulfilling experience. 

I thought that I wouldn’t ever pay market-rate rent in San Francisco because I could live in family-owned property and pay below-market rent. But it also meant I had to share a space with housemates in a living situation I’ve outgrown. So I decided to take the leap and rent my own space that’s a bit of a stretch for me to afford right now. My reasons are that I want to be more independent, to have my own space for creativity and expansion, to experience something different, and to stretch myself to see what I’m capable of. 

So I’m betting on myself to earn and create the income I need to make it work, so that I’m not just spending down my savings. I’m putting myself out there more and taking on new opportunities, saying yes to things, and most importantly, believing in myself to make it all work out. To have my back, to make aligned decisions, to trust in myself and my abilities, to have it take as long as it takes. So I’m also creating the net with the belief I have in myself.

I could have just stayed in my current situation and not taken the leap. My current situation is “safe” and familiar, but it doesn’t require more of me. I now get to rise up to a level that maybe I haven’t been at before. 

I’m becoming a person who can support herself through this goal. The reward is not only being able to comfortably afford my new living situation. The reward is also who I’ll become and what I’ll learn by achieving this goal. 

And that requires a lot of me–growth-wise and creativity-wise. And I’m up for the challenge. I’m willing to be a little scared and uncomfortable for a while, I’m willing to see what’s possible. I’m willing to go all-in on myself and to bet on ME. I trust myself to come through for me.

How do we make sure we take the actions needed to support ourselves? We create the feelings we need to fuel those actions. How do we create the feelings? We think the thoughts that create those feelings.

Right now, I’m thinking “I can do this. I’m going all-in on myself. I believe in myself. I can make it work no matter what. I’ll do what I need to do–and even have fun while doing it!” And all those thoughts create the feelings: determined, focused, excited, confident, motivated. And I’ll take actions based on those feelings. 

Sometimes we think other things or people are supposed to come through for us to make our dreams come true. We do get to make requests of people, to ask for help, and to benefit from the generosity of others and the resources available to us. 

And we are also the ones who are taking the actions to ask, to receive, and to say “yes” to opportunities that seem aligned. We get to decide what’s possible for us and what we need to do to make it happen for ourselves. 

Others can help us along the way, of course, but if we’re expecting them to provide the BELIEF we need to have in ourselves? It doesn’t work that way. We need to be the ones who believe in ourselves the most–1000%. We need to be the ones to bet on ourselves and go all-in.

Your turn: What do you want for yourself that you’re willing to go all-in on and bet on yourself to make happen? What would you need to think and believe? What would you need to feel? And what actions would you take (or not take) to get the result you want? Are you willing to have it take as long as it takes? Who will you become along the way?

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