Feel Deserving of


“When you’re at peace with yourself and love yourself, it is virtually impossible to do things to yourself that are destructive.” ― Wayne Dyer

The term “self-care” has become a buzzword of sorts. What I’ve learned on my self-care journey is that it’s not only about quick-fix, superficial actions like getting a mani/pedi, a massage, or taking a bubble bath. These things are definitely all part of self-care and. . .

Self-care goes beyond that. It not only supports our mental and physical health, but in the bigger picture, self-care supports us in creating a deeper connection to ourselves–a strong foundation for who we can be in the world.

Find space to discover your truths, to ask yourself what you really want, and not be afraid of the answers. Start by asking “What brings me joy?” and allow yourself to hear the answers and honor them.

Learn what supporting yourself, caring for yourself, and being kinder to yourself looks like. It looks like seeking your own approval instead of seeking it outside yourself. It looks like valuing yourself and knowing that you’re already worthy. No matter what.

By practicing self-care intentionally in your day, you can move closer to self-love and fully loving yourself. You’ll learn how to have your own back, no matter what.

You’ll start giving yourself permission to accept the parts of you that you used to disregard or hide. You’ll start giving yourself permission to not only give unconditional love to yourself, but also to receive unconditional love from yourself.

This is the true purpose of self-care.

Take six weeks . . .

Here’s where you get to choose.

Take six weeks to (re)define what self-care means to you on a deeper level. Discover what self-care ideas work for your daily practice.

Take six weeks to create your self-care foundations. Incorporate into your life the aspects of self-care that are valuable to you.

Take six weeks to start feeling good about and engage in intentional self-care. Create the changes you want to see for yourself.

Take six weeks for you.

We’ll meet one-on-one on Zoom for 60 minutes each week for six weeks to make it happen.

Go Beyond Bubble Baths

to Intentional Self-Care

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“I gained so much growth in myself. I am able to dissect circumstances more easily. My thoughts were defeating myself and now I can change that. I also learned I need to allow myself to grieve. I didn’t realize I was sweeping it away, instead of dealing with it.
I know I have grown so much in this 6 weeks with you. I can see it myself and so can everyone around me. I feel stronger and more confident. My sessions with you were a total game-changer!”

– CG, California

“I really appreciate how great April was at using my own words to create self talk that is more inline with my goals. It was a constant reminder that she was hearing me and that this was a very personal journey, not just a step in a general process.”

– KG, California